Written by Matthew Brink, Marketing Director

The moment seems to come ever closer and by the looks of things we can hopefully pen an August/September reopening of the calm and quiet beauty that is Chitwa Chitwa.

After making gardens pretty, looking at improvements wherever possible, and doing extra special maintenance-related touch-ups, we are assuredly ready to have our beloved guests back.

The animals are in numbers again last seen a good few years back, with the blessing of good rains across the bush helping both flora and fauna consolidate itself to a healthy and strong state. The bush is looking great for animal prosperity, which is the goal for men and women that devote their lives to conservation and preservation efforts in the realms of zoology and botany.

We have sorely missed the early morning safari’s, to see the regal bearing of the Sibuye female leopard, the elegant prancing of the impalas, Bubbles the seemingly sweetest hippo in our dam and our namesake, the robust yet beautiful giraffe to name a precious few. The walking safari’s we too miss, where Dylan or Hali would intricately explain the unique purpose of a dung beetle, where Stevan would teach us about the tracks of animals, where Surprise would teach us about the games he played as a young boy with spear grass. Oh and our evening safari’s, and the lion prides we yearn to behold again, we miss this all… But fear not, time is nearing for this all again, heading back to normality…

The lodge managers are unwaveringly marvellous and the care they have for people speaks volumes, Dinho, Lucas, and Maltricia they are. The smiling faces of the beautiful waitresses Leah, Khensani, Tronic and Pinkie, we cannot wait for your special personalities back home again. The precious housekeepers, you know the lovely Betty, Yvonne, Milly, Mandy, Tintswalo and Sylvia. The barmen, and charming they are Phiwa, Nelson and Thabo, they are eager to mix cocktails again for you. The chefs can’t wait to get back to work and cooking up elegantly plated dishes, these gems of people we all know, Oscar, Lucas, Beric and Sarah.

You may have spoken to Heidi already, reservations is her job, hard-working and special she is, she’s the person that books one’s dream. Then behind the scenes are a special group of people, they aren’t seen by guests often but they work very hard for them. These special men and women go by the names of Micheal, Clarah, Pretty, Lazarus, Rose, Elsie, Alice, Patrick, Silver, Constance, Andretta and Iris. It is truly impressive how these gentlemen are so very good at what they do, day in and day out, our trackers are Moses, Ranson, Betuel, and Ralph, and they are ready for their guests.

One can see what our team means to us, they mean everything. They make Chitwa Chitwa special and love what they do, so we offer our services and love to you – this was an accidental rhyme, but this was also the truth.

In saying the above we will like to let all our discerning guests and safari lovers know that we will be ready in an adjusted and safe environment to host you. We love you as our guests and will be keeping you up to date regarding the official opening of the safari industry in South Africa.