In the heart of the Sabi Sand Game reserve, where lions roar and leopards prowl, lies Chitwa Chitwa, a renowned safari lodge that has captivated the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts for decades. Today, we delve into the captivating story of Charl, the owner of Chitwa Chitwa, and an eventful night that showcases the extraordinary lengths he went to ensure the safety and comfort of his guests.

A Fateful Breakdown

It was the year 1991 when Charl, a passionate lodge owner and then safari guide with an unwavering dedication to his guests’ satisfaction, found himself in an unforeseen predicament. Leading a group of adventurous souls on a thrilling safari expedition, their journey took them approximately 7 kilometres away from the lodge when their vehicle abruptly came to a halt. An unexpected mechanical failure had interrupted their exploration of the African bush.

A Humorous Proposal

Ever resourceful, Charl quickly devised a plan to rectify the situation. He turned to the tracker accompanying him and proposed that he walk back to the lodge to retrieve another vehicle. However, much to Charl’s amusement today, the tracker firmly declined. Perhaps aware of the potential dangers that lurked in the darkness, the tracker opted to stay put.

A Heroic Trek

With no other immediate options, Charl made a courageous decision. Determined to ensure the safety and comfort of his guests, he embarked on a daring journey through the pitch-black night to retrieve the spare vehicle. With each step, he ventured deeper into the untamed wilderness, armed only with his unwavering commitment to hospitality.

The Silence of the Night

As Charl walked alone in the stillness of the night, his senses heightened. The silence surrounding him was a stark reminder of the vastness and solitude of the African landscape. The absence of the usual sounds of nocturnal creatures was eerie, for back then, only a handful of lodges operated in the area. The night belonged to the wild, undisturbed by human presence.

Courage Amidst Danger

Charl’s footsteps echoed softly as he navigated the path back to Chitwa Chitwa. Aware of the presence of predators such as lions and leopards in the area, he remained vigilant throughout the journey. The darkness concealed potential dangers, but Charl pressed on, fueled by his dedication to ensuring the well-being of his guests.

The Soul of Chitwa Chitwa

After what felt like an eternity, Charl arrived at the lodge, where he promptly organized the retrieval of the stranded guests. The spare vehicle set out into the night, guided by Charl’s unwavering determination to bring his guests back safely. With each passing kilometre, the tension eased, knowing that the guests would soon be rescued from the wilderness.

The Legacy Lives On

Charl’s remarkable feat that night exemplifies the extraordinary lengths to which the staff of Chitwa Chitwa would go to deliver exceptional experiences to their guests. This tale of adventure and resilience has become woven into the very fabric of Chitwa Chitwa’s legacy. It serves as a testament to the lodge’s commitment to providing unforgettable encounters with Africa’s majestic wildlife.


The story of Charl’s courageous trek through the African wilderness to rescue stranded guests is a testament to the enduring spirit and dedication that has shaped Chitwa Chitwa into the extraordinary safari lodge it is today. Charl’s selfless act, walking seven kilometres in the dark, unarmed, and surrounded by potential predators, highlights the unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction and safety that Chitwa Chitwa embodies.

Since that fateful night, Chitwa Chitwa has continued to flourish, welcoming guests from around the world who seek to experience the untamed beauty of the African wilderness. The lodge has expanded and evolved, yet it remains rooted in the ethos of its pioneering days. The tale of Charl Brink’s heroic journey serves as a constant reminder to the staff and management to go above and beyond to create unforgettable moments for their guests.

Today, Chitwa Chitwa stands as a beacon of luxury and adventure, offering an unparalleled safari experience. The lodge’s commitment to conservation, sustainable practices, and personalized service ensures that every guest feels a deep connection to the soul of the African bush. From thrilling game drives to luxurious accommodations, Chitwa Chitwa continues to exceed expectations, all while honouring its rich history and the indomitable spirit of its founder.

In conclusion, the night Charl Brink walked seven kilometres through the Sabi Sand Game Reserve wilderness to retrieve a spare vehicle for his stranded guests encapsulates the essence of Chitwa Chitwa. It is a tale of resilience, dedication, and the unwavering pursuit of guest satisfaction. The lodge’s pioneering days have shaped its character, and the spirit of that adventure lives on, ensuring that every guest who visits Chitwa Chitwa is immersed in the magic and majesty of the African bush.