“Amazing safari property? Looking for these is a constant quest for us. Elaine and I have been fortunate enough to experience them in many different countries and many diverse environments. As we’ve said elsewhere, we are safari crazy, and we find something to love about all of them. Usually, a place will be fabulous in several ways and maybe just okay in others. For example, the game viewing may be super, but the guide wasn’t great. Or the room was really opulent, but the game not so much. It’s rare to find a place that excels on every level, and we have become pretty picky, so we don’t gush without reason. And by the way – true to the spirit of It Takes 2 To Travel – we don’t always agree! Seems like we have found an exception.”

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Elephant at Chitwa Chitwa. There are LOTS.

Chitwa pool overlooks a lake where wild animals are present all the time

Each room has its own private pool and patio. We heard elephants munching nearby while we swam.