Chitwa Chitwa is situated on the banks of the largest body of water in the Northern Sabi Sands, this has a massive effect on the population and diversity of species that pay our water hole a visit each day.

This increases the number of predators that frequent our lodge at night, due to the fact that a big number of Nyala seek safety within our camp. Making it easy pickings for carnivores.

Covid also played a massive factor, as fewer guests in the lodge during this period expanded the territories of our cats, and they started moving into camp and using the different villas as cover for hunting purposes.

On this given evening, and let me just tell you, the sightings have been off the charts for the last couple of days.

I decided to leave a particular sighting with my guests to go and have a sundowner drink on the dam wall overlooking Chitwa Lodge, with the intent of returning to the sighting after drinks.

As we approached the dam wall, we spotted Thandi (Female leopard +- 16 years of age) and her son Maribyes (Male leopard +- 24 Months old)

Needless to say, our drink stop did not happen, as we started to follow these 2 into our lodge, it’s not uncommon for our guides to follow cats in our lodge. Hence, the reason we don’t allow guests to walk around at night.

As we followed them, my guests were in disbelief seeing these leopards walk around so freely amongst the lodge, making them realise how amazing this place is.

Maribyes was already stalking some Nyala and was separated from his mom, so we decided to stay with Thandi.

We decided to go around and enter the camp through the main gate, and approach Chitwa House, when we arrived, we got this amazing image of her making herself very comfortable on the patio.

She continued on around camp, even making our staff scatter while they tried to set the tables for dinner.

We ended our game drive in camp, with the sun already behind the Drakensberg mountain range, and decided that the best place for a drink would be the Chitwa bar.

That’s how we experience drives at Chitwa. With a very common phrase we use: assume nothing, expect everything.

We look forward to welcoming you to Chitwa Chitwa, and giving you the Ultimate Unique Safari from the comfort of your own private villa.

See you all soon.

Written by Chitwa Chitwa Head Guide, Deon Wessels