I bet most of you wonder what it feels like to be on a safari in the world-renowned Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Join me as I take you on a wild drive through my backyard, where we assume nothing and expect to see everything.

It all starts with the wake-up call.

This is not your normal alarm clock wakeup call you are used to, but the sound of hippos honking away right outside your Villa. Which makes getting out of bed so much easier?

Finally, arriving on the deck, which overlooks one of the largest bodies of water in the Northern Sabi Sands, you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee listening to the sounds of the African Fish Eagle calling in the distance.

The unknown awaits and the excitement levels rise, as the anticipated game drive looms.

The nocturnal animals move around during the night, forever changing our office, so we have to start gathering all the information and find fresh tracks to start our pursuit to find the elusive big cats of the Sabi Sands.

The morning drive.

Chitwa Chitwa is situated in the Northern sector of the Sabi Sands, with no fencing around and animals moving around freely in this vast ecosystem, you have the opportunity to see the Big Five in one morning. And this is why we have international guests returning on a yearly basis.

Being able to spend the morning out on a drive and seeing the sun come up, the fresh smell and vibrant colours of the summer wildflowers makes it something you will never forget.

Morning drives are followed by a healthy bush breakfast under the Lapa enjoying the views over Chitwa dam.

Slipping on your walking shoes we head out for a bushwalk. Something that is very close to my heart. It is where you learn to appreciate nature in all its glory, learn how nature communicates through different channels, how the hunter-gathers (people from the stone age) used the land to survive and medicate themselves, learn how to interpret track and signs left behind by different mammals.

Getting ready for the nighttime drive is always a treat.

Once the sun sets and the earth cools down the nocturnal animals start becoming more active. Our galaxy lights up like Christmas lights, and there is nothing better than switching the safari vehicle off and admiring the Milk way in all its grandeur, I doubt there is any place on earth with such little light pollution that so many stars and planets can be viewed with the naked eye.

We end the day around a crackling fire, anxious for the sun to rise again, so we can do it all over again.

The Duty of the Guide.

Whatever guide you get when you join us at Chitwa Chitwa, we strive to achieve one goal.

For our guests to experience the ultimate luxury safari and leave as part of the Chitwa Chitwa family.

For me being part of this ultimate journey at Chitwa Chitwa is the greatest honour and to be able to share my knowledge with my guests from all over the world is a privilege.

They say, “No bug bites quite like the safari bug”

Written by Chitwa Chitwa Head Guide, Deon Wessels